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Idris Barzani


By Alex Atroushi

March 1997


Idris Barzani, is one of the most famous character of the history of Kurdistan Democratic Party. His virtue , integrity , loyalty , courage and talents were quickly noticed by his father and others, Kurdish history recorded that he was a very strong person and very skillful in military arts, very generous and patriotic person.


He was the greatest strategist, yet very gentle and kind-hearted person.

With his role in all the historical events through the Kurdish liberation movement, the son of the immortal Mustafa Barzani, died of heart attack in Jan 31, 1987.


With his death the KDP lost a man who put all his live for Kurdistan and the Kurdish people, his death left a vast vacuum within the role of KDPís politburo and the Kurdish liberation movement, a vacuum which is difficult to fill, or rather we can say that this vacuum is impossible to fill in a short time.



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