Key Events &Eventful Occasion in Kurdistan's History

Jan 1: New Year 

Ramadan & Eid al-Fiter
Every year, Muslims spend one entire month in daytime fasting. 3 days Eid al-Fitr (the Festival of Fast-Breaking).

Jan 22, 1946: Declaration of Democratic Republic of Mahabad

February 10, 1970: The Authors establishes its Kurdish Authors Union

February 18, 1953: The Students establishes its Kurdish Students Union

March 1, 1979: Mustafa Barzani past away.

March 5, 1991: Kurdish Entifatha

March 6, 1975: Algeria agreement

March 7, 1991: Liberation of Sulaimaniya City

March 8, 1908: Woman Day

March 11,1970: Peace agreement between Kurds and Iraqi regime

March 11,1991: Liberation of Erbil City

March 13,1991: Liberation of Duhok City

March 14,1903: Mustafa Barzani's Birthday

March 16,1988: Chemical attack on Halabja City

March 20,1991: Liberation of Karkuk City

March 21: Newroz Kurdish New Year(2698)

March 30,1947: Qazi Muhammad and his followers hanged in Mahabad by Iran Shah.

April 1: Assyrians New Year

April 5,1980: Faily Kurd been ignored as Iraqi citizen, been drive out of Iraq
April 7-10: Eedi Haji
April 12-14 Easter day
April 14,1988: Anfal against Kurds by Iraqi regime
April 16,1987: Chemical attack on Dolly Balisan and Shikh Wasanan
April 22,1898: First Kurdish Newspaper
April 24,1974: Attack on civilian and Students in Qala Dizah by Iraqi Air force
April 25, 1993: The second Cabinet of Kurdish Government
April 27, 1419 ( Islamic) year

May 1: May day
May 6: Ashoora "Emam Hussein death"
May 7, 1988: Kurdish Front establishment
May 19,1992: First Kurdish election "parliament"
May 21: Remembrance of prophet Mohammed's day to Haven
May 26, 1976: Anniversary of the Gulan Revolution

June 4, 1992: First Parliament meeting intended
June 19, 1947: Four legend Kurdish officers hanged

July 4, 1992: First Cabinet for the Kurdish Government has been named.
July 6: Profit Mohammed's birthday
July 14, 1958: Iraq's national day " from Kingdom to Republic"
July 30: Yazidi's day

August 1, 1956: The Kurdish Students in Europe establishes its Kurdish Students Society"KSSE"
August 7, Assyrian's Immortals Day
August 10, 1920: Siver Agreement
August 16, 1946: The day of establishing the KDP
August 25, 1988: chemical weapon attack on 25 Kurdish villages by Iraqi regime.

August 29, 1970: The day of establishing Kurdish scientist Committee

Sep 6, 1930: Sulaimania's dark Day
Sep 11, 1961: The anniversary of the biggest Kurdish revolution

Oct 4, 1992: Declaration of federalism for Kurdistan-Iraq
Oct 6, 1958: Mustafa Barzani return to Kurdistan-Iraq from Soviet Union
Oct 6, 1993: Conveying the Coffin of Mustafa and Idris Barzani to Kurdistan
Oct 6-13: Yazidi's Days
The Immortals Shikh Mahmmoud died
Salah Addin University established (Sulaimani)

Dec 10, 1948: The declaration of Human Right
Dec 11, 1952: Kurdish Women Union Establishment
Dec 11, 1952: The day of Raman for Yazzidi
Dec 25 : Christmas





History of the Kurds


Kurds have profoundly shaped the Middle East since ancient times yet

their history has been repeatedly denied, suppressed and erased until now






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